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meeting, and you told that teeth in Vietnam

meeting, and you told that teeth in Vietnam,not yawn is how to do? I am 37 years old now with right lower jaw pain on my right hand when she saw the lumps and pain, swallowing pain also, normal mouth is still open but yawn cannot yawn, of the doctor in my hometown. The first doctor told him to have inflammation of the jaw, the second doctor told him to have tonsillitis, the third doctor told him to have mumps, he used drugs and mumps treatment but still not recovered. Then the doctor answer to help you. You are 37 years old, now you have pain in the lower jaw on the right hand, when you hand lumps and pain, when swallowing also painful, normal mouth still open but yawn cannot yawn. You have taken a lot of medication from your doctor but did not help. Once the drilling is complete, our body will respond to the implanted metal pier in two directions.

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For those who intend to implant, absolutely should not use tobacco before and after the transplant why?

Because cigarettes are a bad influence on implantation! vietnam dentist prices

Doctors warned his patients that smoking would negatively affect the healing process and the results of implant dentistry after implantation. Reduced jaw quality, prolonged wound healing, causes dysfunction of bone and blood vessels. Reduces the ability to integrate implant cylinders with the jawbone, causing the tooth to shake.

Smoking cigarettes can make the healing process last longer, as cigarettes will slow down the rate of scarring, making patients more susceptible to pain when implanting the plant and the results are not as expected.

Cigarettes can cause wounds after implantation of infected implants, which can cause swelling of implants and resulting implant failure.

The hardness of bones in smokers continuously reduced 2-3 times compared with normal people so the implant hardness does not last long. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Cigarettes are one of the factors that greatly influence the results of implant transplants. According to statistics, smokers have a higher incidence of implant failure than 10% of normal people. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not use tobacco before and after the implants are implanted correctly and that you should be aware of this if you or your loved ones intend to get implants.

However, not all smokers should not implant the implant but it does not mean that implant is not implanted. As recommended by dentists, smoking patients may stop smoking two to four weeks before transplantation and four to six weeks after implantation for implantation. Thus, implant implants can perform safely and get the best results.

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