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was always uncomfortable when teeth in Vietnam

was always uncomfortable when teeth in Vietnam ,floss to clean the roots, interdental. When using dental floss you only take a small segment of about 10 – 15 cm, using the hand to point the teeth pulled through the pull to remove excess food stick to the teeth, interdental. Then you rinse thoroughly with water. Use lemon and salt to deodorize the teeth Lemon and salt are antiseptic ingredients, effectively deodorizing. So combine these two ingredients to create a simple way to remove foul odor. Bacteria in the mouth thrive under this condition and release more acid Druian said. Periodontal disease and tooth loss Last but not least, yo-yo diets also make you susceptible to gum disease, even losing your teeth. At the time of gaining weight, boosting your high carbohydrate diet puts you at risk for cavities.

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Black coffee is a familiar drink of youth, especially office workers. Even more, enjoying a cup of coffee before going to work has become a habit for many people. vietnam dentist prices

However, this is also the cause of the change in color of teeth. So, when drinking coffee you should add a little milk and after drinking finished, gargling clean will be better for you.

Vinegar is a high acidic food that can lead to tooth discoloration. To reduce the risk of yellowing of teeth, you should eat lettuce with vinegar to increase the protective effect of teeth.

The berries: blackberry, blackberry, peach, grape, pomegranate and other brilliant fruits (fruit juices, pies and other foods and beverages made from these fruits) are can cause tooth decay.

Tomato sauce is quite popular and very popular sauce. However, tomatoes are rich in acid, so the risk of tooth enamel erosion is very high.

According to health experts, only eat tomato sauce in moderation. In addition, before eating tomato sauce should eat lettuce to help form a “protective” film.

Ice cream is the top favorite. It is hard for anyone to hold on to the sweet and cool ice cream rolls. The fact that ice cream is on the list of foods harmful to teeth also makes quite a lot of people surprised. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

In fact, the low temperature ice cream sticks will contribute to your teeth grinding gold faster. So take care of your teeth after eating ice cream.

Wine: Red wine, an acidic drink, contains chromogens and tannins – two notorious compounds that cause staining. And white wine is similar.

In the recent study of the School of Dentistry, New York University, the “bath” regularly “bath” in tea will stain more seriously if you also sip white wine. So, if you drink a large glass of tea every evening, then enjoy a glass of light wine, do not complain that your teeth so bad.

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