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because she realized how teeth in Vietnam?

because she realized how teeth in Vietnam?,  clean the pulp, then remove the dental porcelain restoration and remove the pulp, ensure the pulp is clean, no more signs of teeth sensitivity after restoration.  If the teeth after the porcelain sore teeth due to dental porcelain teeth, teeth do not grasp the teeth and tooth alignment standard teeth, it is necessary to correct the correct dental porcelain. When the tooth is attached to the patient, it does not hurt to eat chewing or daily activities. Use of mouthwash: In the mouth rinse also acid, so if used too much in the day will cause tooth enamel wear. Long toothed lead is exposed to the edge of the teeth. Ivory contains thousands of tiny ivory tubes leading to pulp. So when the loss, the dentist exposing tooth sensitivity when eating hot food, cold suddenly. Some ways to reduce the tenderness of the common dental glaucoma

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I-DENT DENTAL Greetings and thank you for trusting us. In your case we can understand that because your teeth are inflamed, your doctor has indicated that you are taking medications that are dead. As you know, when the medicine is dead, the tooth is dead. And the problem that you are interested in “how long did my tooth last?” Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Our dentist has the following detailed answer:

How long does it last?

The tooth is dead and the tooth is dead and it no longer works. When the tooth has no pulp to nourish it, it will no longer feel the food, the chewing sensation, the temperature, and especially no response to external stimuli. trồng răng implant

The tooth that will be in the oral cavity for about a year will occur the phenomenon of horn teeth that teeth will become brittle and break more easily. In particular, it is easy to break up because it comes in contact with hard chewing or you have to create strong force on the tooth, it will appear fragments. trồng răng nha khoa ident implant

Corneal and tooth breaking phenomenon will occur very quickly. It is horny and shabby and not a complete loss of teeth. To overcome the phenomenon of keratosis, or prevent the process of horns occur faster, you can use some restorative measures such as: Porcelain crowns for teeth have taken pulp to limit the condition of damaged teeth. Combined with clean oral hygiene and limiting of high acid foods and ingredients that are not good for oral health. vietnam dentist prices

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